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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Organization Director, Vice Director Unit of Zhejiang Electric Vehicle Charging Alliance Visited Star Chargefor Inspection and Exchange
2017/12/2 10:33:20

On September 11, the Organization Director and Vice Director Unit of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance") of the Zhejiang Provincial Energy Industry Association visited Star Charge for inspection and exchange. The Secretary General Ma Mingjianled the 15-people group visit the manufacturing plant of Star Charge, the new energy charging pile group and the new energy automobile 4S shop, which is wholly owned by Wanbang.


After visitingStar Charge, the charging pile group and charging parking management system was highly appraised by the alliance members. Then visited the DC charging product line, high-power charging, mobile charging, energy storage charging, pantograph charging and other series of products. Also experienced the convenience ofStarCharge as well as the technology guarantee for star Charge security.


The visiting group focused on inspecting and visiting the world’s leading smart charging operation and maintenance platform. Smart operation and maintenance platform of Star Charge collects information, fault conditions and battery conditions of all charging devices, and provides solutions for employees through intelligent analysis. The complete industrial chain structure and vigorouscomprehensive strength left a deep impression on everyone.


During investigation, the Alliance conducted deep communication with Vice President ZhengJunyi of Star Charge and General Manager Fan Li of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Area on cooperation between charging infrastructure enterprises and methods to promote development of charging facility industry.


Star Chargeranks No.1 in daily average charging capacity among electric vehicle charging operators in China. Currently, there are more than 35,000 self-built charging equipment terminals on the platform and the daily charging capacity exceeds 1.2 million degrees, ranking No.1 in the domestic market (extracted from the largest third-party mobile data service platform Talkingdata in China).As the only operator in the country that is continuously profitable, Star Charge understands operations and remains more intelligent.