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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Wanbang New Energy Cooperates with China UnionPay for Layout of Mobile Payment Scenarios of Charging Piles
2017/12/8 10:38:38

On December 8, Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. and China UnionPay signed a comprehensive business cooperation agreement in Changzhou. Cao Jiazhong, Standing Member of the Changzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Hao Zhe, Executive Vice President of China UnionPay, Xu Yongwei, President of Changzhou City Center Branch of the People's Bank of China, and Shao Danwei, Chairman of Wanbang New Energy Investment Group, witnessed the signing ceremony.


The two parties formally signed a comprehensive business cooperation agreement on the cooperation of new energy and financial services and jointly planned mobile payment scenarios such as charging stations for new energy vehicles.

With the vigorous promotion of the national energy saving and emission reduction work, the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry and the favorable national and local policies have created new market opportunities. However, the rapid development of information technology and the continuous upgrading of users' payment methods also proposes more efficient, convenient and secure mobile payment requirements for the new energy vehicle charging industry.


Hao Zhe, Vice Executive President of China UnionPay, stated that since its establishment in 2002, China UnionPay has always adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation and shared growth. It has been leading payment innovation to provide more convenient, secure and efficient comprehensive payment solutions for various industry partners. It is the common move of China UnionPay and Wanbang New Energy Group to serve the society through continuous service improvement and product innovation to adapt and meet users’ requirements.


Ms. Shao Danwei, Chairman of Wanbang New Energy Investment Group, said that the integration of car networking, pile networking and smart grid would create a new energy ecosystem that provides full-channel, full-time, full-process and full-experience, developing and becoming the future long-term trend. Wanbang New Energy will cooperate with China UnionPay to focus on users, continue to optimize and innovate services, and bring a richer, safer and more convenient experience to new energy users. Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. has formed a unique whole industry chain of new energy during the development process. As a core business section, Star Charge provides equipment, platform, users and data operation service for global clients through the industry leading intelligent and operation system and IoT technology, and has been developed into the largest private electric vehicle charging operator in China. In October 2017, the company was invited to join the CharIN e.V Association and became the world's 88th member, marking the strength and philosophy of China's charging companies was accredited by the International Professional Association.


This cooperation will be based on UnionPay's high-quality and efficient payment services and Wangang New Energy's "Star Charge" application scenarios to carry out mobile Internet payment services, charging piles with standard flash payment applications, content and equity sharing, private charging pile sharing, comprehensive cooperation including market joint promotion, the two parties will integrate resource advantages and jointly create an intelligent and smart industry-based comprehensive service solution based on the new energy scenario. Recently, the two parties have cooperated and realized account recharge for Star Charge APP users through ApplePay, payment of charging piles and electricity through UnionPay flash payment, and jointly carry out marketing campaigns.