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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Star Charge to be “Alibaba” of Energy Interconnection
2017/12/21 10:43:51

On 20th December of 2017, director Xie Zhicheng of Jiangsu provincial committee of economy and information technology, Mr., Liang Yibo, deputy mayor of Changzhou city, along with other officials of municipal committee of economy and information technology paid a visit to Star Charge. CEO of Star Charge, Ms. Shao Danwei made a presentation of intelligent charging operation and HPC technologies with briefs.


Star Charge intelligent operation platform is the only project awarded with “energy interconnection key appliance pilot project” and State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 new mode application “project setup, and Star Charge has been honorably the only charger company enrolled.

Within the platform the energy transmission, energy trading, energy management, intelligent decision-making system and safety precaution are world leading mode which gained highly approval from Porsche and other international partners. Provincial committee of economy and information technology officials make high comments and approval to the achievements of Star Charge, and encourages Star Charge to keep leading in Research and development, operation and service, and keep improving.


Jiangsu provincial committee of economy and information technology paid high attention to cloud applications of provincial enterprises with recent print and published 《fastening enterprise cloud solution three year plan notification》, inspires Jiangsu province keep global leading at the intelligent manufacturing and IoT areas.

In a further discussion with Star Charge after visiting Star Charge, Mr. Xie Zhicheng pointed out“enterprise like Star Charge shall spare no effort forging a China leading platform of Energy interconnection with application and manufacturing. With all resources in the chain to integrated under Big Data to set a medium and long period plan driven by the realdata. Thus, it can serve the public service platform that government divisions can access anytime to the city charger and Electric vehicle information to promote energy saving and Co2 emission reduction and reference to related policy making.To accelerate the strategy making of serving the whole energy area, and develop the service end and manufacturing end, finally to become another Alibaba of energy managment area. Mr. Xie brief in the end, open, cooperate and Win-Win, like Alibaba, in this way outstanding the competitors.