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Highlight Changzhou: Star Charge hosted IEC workshop over High Power Charging
2017/12/22 10:49:27

In 18th December of 2017, endorsed by China Electricity Council, Star Charge hosted and organized the IEC electric vehicle plug and socket and Connector workshop in Changzhou. During the 4 days’ workshop, over 50 experts from worldwide enterprises and science research institutions joined the workshop, communicating and discussing the technical solutions and testing methods on High Power Charging.


IEC is an abbreviation of International Electrotechnical Commission, founded in 1906. It is one the most renown with the highest authority in International standards and validation organizations for preparation and publication international standards of electrical and electronic and related technologies for the world. IEC holds more than hundred of meetings on standards with close to 20,000 experts from related industries and institutes, revising and editing works. China has been joining since 1957 and been permanent member in 28th October in 2011 with currently other member of France, Germany, Japan, UK and the United States. Within all the standards, IEC/SC23H is to prepare standards for industrial plugs, socket-outlets and couplers suitable for use in industrial, commercial, private or public locations, either indoors or outdoors which is as well highly concerned by the National Standardizing committee, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, electric, electronic and auto industries.

The IEC international workshop specifically focused on safety requirements, temperature management, testing methods and etc. of high power charging coupling components. The workshop has decided to embrace GB/T standards on HPC into IEC standards. CEO of Wanbang New Energy Group and Star Charge, Ms. Shao Danwei, VP of Wanbang New Energy Group and Star Charge, Mr. Zheng Juanyi, Mr. Li Desheng GM of Star Charge R&D department, were invited to join the conference. Amongst the workshop, members of IEC experts visited Star Charge, the StarCharge intelligent operation platform and research labs are highly appreciated.

The HPC charging technology is dedicated to shorten the charging durations, enhance EV charging experience, thus to solve the charging anxieties. According to EV technology development of major EU and US OEMs, the battery volume will increase up to 100kwh in 2020, with a range of 500km, and requiring charging time in 15 minutes with a charging power of 350kw to 500kw. Whist in China, along with the market needs, the government policy as well is a key factor for HPC development. The new edition of 《New Energy Vehicle promotion subsidy plan and technical requirement》state clearly that “fast charge battery electric vehicle charging rate shall be higher than 3C (charged in 1/3 hour, C is the charging rate). Thus, with policy and market needs, the HPC technology has become a MUST of the future development.