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Wanbang New Energy conducted an in-depth strategic cooperation with BAIC BJEV and won five trophies!
2018/1/31 10:55:25

On the evening of January 28, 2018 “Green Night” BAIC BJEV

The 2017 Honor Festival kicked off

Experts and media in the area of new energy

Cooperate with this great project

Wanbang New Energy and BAIC BJEV

Signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement

And won five important trophies

The first milestone harvest in 2018

Predestined an extraordinary year of Wanbang

万帮新能源与北汽新能源签署深度战略合作,荣获5座奖杯 1.png

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Award-winning scene

Signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement with BAIC BJEV

On January 29, 2018, Wanbang New Energy and BAIC BJEV signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will conduct comprehensive in-depth cooperation in areas of public charging, new energy platforms and data, overall solutions for industry users, finance, insurance, second-hand cars, battery cascade utilization, private charging service, high power and smart charging.


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BAIC BJEV is a pure electric vehicle brand with the largest sales volume in China. Wanbang New Energy is the mainstream private charging service provider and private pile sharing platform provider in China, as well as the only profitable charging service provider in China. The cooperation between the two parties will jointly provide more complete and high-quality services for new energy users, greatly boost the promotion of pure electric vehicles and improve user experience.


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This is undoubtedly another powerful alliance

Aims to make the service become

The charming source of Wanbang New Energy besides products

From the perspective of users

Won five trophies

A timely snow promises a good harvest

Wanbang New Energy won five prizes of BAIC BJEV

Each trophy condenses efforts of all Wanbang employees

Not only the trophy is heavy

But also everyone’s exciting mood

Weilan Star Award-2017 Marketing Star

(Beijing Wanbang Star)

Weilan Youth Award-Development and Contribution Award

(Wanbang New Energy Investment Group) and (Wanbang Cloud Installation) shared the award

Weilan Pioneer Award-2107 Excellence Marketing Award Green

(Wanbang New Energy Investment Group)

Weilan Pioneer Award-2017 Excellence Service Award

(Changzhou Wanbang New Energy)


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Is the affirmation of efforts of Wanbang employees

Also a bowl of refreshment for “warriors” to exploit markets

We will definitely make persistent efforts!

Understand more about operation and remain more intelligent

Star Charge provides equipment, platforms, users and data operation services for customers around the world. It builds a user-charged life-cycle platform with services such as vehicle sales, private charging, public charging and financial insurance, and is committed to serving 500 million people worldwide with IoT technology. Realize the long-term dream of “piles connecting the world” eventually through the enterprise strategy of "one end of energy interconnection and one end of industry interconnection".

The company has now developed into a mainstream private electric vehicle charging operator in China with significant advantages in high-power charging technology, smart operation and maintenance platforms. At present, there are nearly 40,000 self-built charging equipment terminals on the platform and the daily charging capacity exceeds 1.3 million degrees. As a profitable charging operator, Star Charge understands more about operation and remains more intelligent.


Star Charge?Understand more about operation?Remains more intelligent

The only nationwide profitable charging operator

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