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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Sumeru on Dao: Industry Collaboration to Boost Green Intelligent Transportation
2018/2/6 11:17:56

On February 6th, the Star Charge "Sumeru on Dao" conference in the theme of "Green Intelligent Transportation" was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The “13th Five-Year Plan” of the Ministry of Communications clearly calls for speeding up the construction of smart transportation and green transportation. This time, Star Chargetakes “Green Smart Transportation” as the theme of the first session of Sumeru Mountain Conference, aiming at exploring the whole industry chain through collaborative exploration of partners to provide advice on the effective implementation of the national green smart transportation.

For the city-level charging ecology construction problem, Wang Lei, Senior Vice President of Star Charge, called for the promotion of urban new energy vehicle charging service through industry alliances, assisting the government in improving planning, solving difficult management and operation problem,and establishing a complete industry chain of policies, vehicles, piles, networks and extensions, actively practicing the concept of urban green smart transportation.


As the founder and guide of domestic new energy vehicle charging industry research, Prof. Chen Quanshi, Director of Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University and deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, presented at the conference on new energy industry trends and automotive electrification revolutions. China as a whole is experiencing a farewell to the era of fuel vehicles and we are on the road to the era of green, smart and shared transportation.


Wu Xiaoyuan, Associate Professor of the Institute of New Energy Automobile Industrialization at the School of Automotive Engineering of Tongji University, shared her research topic for the first time—the innovative practice and thinking of the vehicle pile sharing, and proposed that the automobile shall be intelligent, electrified and network-connected under the revolution of automotive electrification, and charging shall realize sharing, scale, network and intelligence. Speaking of the innovative sharing model of automobile piles, Prof. Wu Xiaoyuanhighly affirmed the innovation of the Star Charge in this area - "Everyone's Power Station, Sharing for Charging", which promotes the intelligent upgrading of charging piles and improved charging efficiency and user experience.


"Combined with the purpose of openness, integration and sharing to collaborate with value partners in the industry chain, and respond to the call of the Star Charge Alliance to build a green and smart urban transport system to jointly win a new green era." Sun Shan, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Automatic Group New Energy Marketing Co., Ltd. Explained in details the Beijing Automobile Group New Energy GreenPlan. At the end of January, Beijing Automobile Group New Energy and StarCharge signed a deep strategic cooperation for a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.



Many domestic new power car manufacturers attended the meeting and discussed the development direction of the industry,Director and Chief Marketing Officer of DearccXiangDongping, General Manager of Singulato Automotive Chen Yusong, Director of Auto Charge Service and Marketing of Aiways Automobile Yu Bing, Senior Supervisor of Strategic Operation of NextEV Lu Ronghua, separately delivered keynote speeches on the topics of new energy and green smart transportation, and emerging vehicle manufacturers have become a huge driving force in the development of the automotive electrification industry.

As a traditional luxury car manufacturer, in the face of the automotive revolution, CEO of Daimler (China) Innovation & Technology Co., Ltd. Guo Yu stated that the company will actively innovate in areas of intelligent interconnection, autopilot, shared travel and electric drive to develop a new chapter of Daimler.


From the strategic policy on national development of new energy vehicles and the perspective of sustainable development and environment protection, Star Charge as a private enterprise, actively called upon the entire industry chain to cope with industry problems and consumer pain spots, and actively played a synergistic role in government-industry research topromotethe landing of the national strategy for new energy vehicles,which is a responsibility as well as feelings.