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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Star Charge: New Energy Vehicles Develop Rapidly, 30,000 Charging Piles will be Newly Built in Chongqing at the End of the Year
2018/3/14 14:32:05

The development of new energy vehicles is a strategic measure to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, cultivating new economic growth points and international competitive advantages, and it is also an important means for effectively alleviating energy supply pressure and improving urban air quality. On March 13th, Star Charge launched the “Pile in Chongqing - 2018 Star Charge Industry Sharing Session” to discuss the development direction of Chongqing new energy vehicle and its charging infrastructure construction, promote energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel, and assist in the industry development of electric vehicles.


In the development of new energy vehicle market, Chongqing has its own advantages. As the largest automobile production base in China, Chongqing has 20 vehicle companies and 1,000 spare parts companies withan annual output of 3 million and 600 billion yuan output value. (Data source: Wang Han, Deputy Director of Chongqing Automobile Economic and Information Committee) Based on the solid market development, Chongqing will actively respond to the country’s call to vigorously develop new energy vehicle strategies and strive to develop Chongqing’s electric vehicles to the peak, and make contributions for the development of the country's new energy vehicles.


Till the end of 2017, according to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, the number of registered new energy vehicles in the country has reached 1.44 million, and statistics from the National Energy Administration showed that the number of charging piles in China has reached 450,000. According to the statement of Zhou Qing, Deputy Director of Chongqing Municipal Economic Information Commission and Director of Municipal New Energy Automotive Office in the Chongqing New Energy Automobile Development Research Conference held in November 2017 that by 2020, the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles in Chongqing is expected to reach 200,000, accounting for more than 10% of the country's new energy vehicle production and sales, the annual promotion and application of new energy vehicles will reach 50,000, 30,000 charging piles will be built with more than RMB 3 billion investment, and will become the first-class, internationally-renowned new energy vehicleR & D and manufacturing base in China.
With the continuous expansion of the pure electric vehicle market, it is imperative to solve the problem of charging and alleviate the “mileage anxiety”. Accelerating the layout of urban public infrastructure will not only speed up the popularization of new energy vehicles, promote the rapid development of the industry, but also assist the country to realize energy transition as soon as possible and implement the concept of green environmental protection. Therefore, cultivating and supporting charging companies that are in line with the future development direction is a crucial part of Chongqing's efforts to improve the new energy automotive industry system.


Star chargeranks No.1 in daily average charging capacity among electric vehicle charging operators in China. At present, there are nearly 40,000 terminals for self-built charging equipment on the platform with more than 1.3 million degrees of daily charging capacity, ranking No.1 in the country. As the only operator continuously profitable in the country, Star Charge understands operations and remains more intelligent, and leads the industry in the layout of new energy vehicle charging business, big data business, smart operation and maintenance platform, and car pile interconnection eco-business, which is widely accepted by the industry and new energy owners.


ShaoDanwei, Chairman of Star Charge, stated at the meeting that Star Charge will take this opportunity to build Chongqing as a green intelligent transport city and enable citizens enjoy convenient and care-free charging service through actively deploying the charging pile market of Chongqing with IoT and big data, combining Chongqing's superior geographical location, economic opening, solid market foundation and strong new energy ecological atmosphere.