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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Annual Strategy of Star Charge Release, Build A New Charging Ecology
2018/2/5 11:11:46

The first session of “Sumeru Mountain Conference” of Star Charge was held in Changzhou Jiangsu on February 5th. Star Charge officially released the 2018 annual strategy for its partners in the whole industry chain. It introduced the charging ecology, investment strategy and business model innovation, blueprint for intelligent manufacturing and digital plant constructionbased on the charging business, and determined the development direction of new energy vehicle charging technology. More than 300 guests attended the conference, including experts from the new energy vehicle charging industry, car company leaders and authoritative media, aiming to build a Sumeru world of new energy source.


Build A New Charging Ecology with Industrial Innovation

In the recent two years, under the background of national policy guidance and the structural reforms of the energy industry, new energy vehicles have experiencedblowout development, but the construction of domestic electric vehicle charging infrastructure has not kept in pace with the development.


Based on the current development of the industry, Shao Dunwei, Chairman of Wanbang New Energy Group and Chairman of Star Charge, stated that Star Charge will be based on the five “new” open developments in 2018: “New Commercial Mode”, “New High-efficiency Technology”, “New Intelligent Manufacture", "New Industrial Ecology" and "New Capital Platform", promote the improvement of national new energy vehicle charging infrastructure through industrial innovation, help the popularization of new energy vehicles and realize the ultimate dream of "charging the world together and condensing people's hearts".


In this regard, Wang Lei, Senior Vice President of Star Charge, said that Star Charge will further integrate the market demand for new energy vehicles, continuously optimize products and services, and innovate in the integration of financial, insurance, used car and energy storage industries with the existing industries, create a complete new ecology of the charging service taking vehicle atomization as the core to become the best partner for car companies and the best charging service provider for the owners.

Star Charge, which was established in 2014, has developed rapidly and has become a strategic partner of nearly 40 automaticmain engine plants in just three years, including but notlimited to Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Beijing Auto, also world-renowned automakers such asNio, Aiways, Dearcc and WM-motor and other new car manufacturers. Star Chargeis leading the industry in the areas of new energy vehicle charging business, big data business, intelligent operation and maintenance platform, and automobile pile interconnection eco-business.

Cooperate and Open Up, Explore New Commercial Mode


The market has always been cruel. In the past two years, some small and medium-sized enterprises without clear profit models and business ideas went bankrupt and the charging pile industry was shuffled again. A scientific and innovative business model is a powerful principle to ensure enterprises steadily move ahead in the tide of charging pile construction. “Crowd funding to build piles”, “everybody’s electricity station”, “divestment of asset and operation”... In the market full of unknown and dynamics, Star Change continues innovation in the business model, which is the prevailing weapon to be able to stabilize the domestic charging market. According to ZhengJuanyi, Senior Vice President of Star Charge, Star Charge will continue to innovate in smarter load control, more flexible user strategies, park-level load response and specific network contracting models in 2018 to create value for the industry and users.

Upgrade technology and focus on digital factories

In terms of manufacturing, Star Charge has been one of the top domestic manufacturers of rechargeable equipment. Its advantages in equipment come from stringent production standards and industry-leading technical strength. Star Charge is not only a national standard drafting unit, but also participated the drafting of IEC international standards as a national representative, and was designated by the country as the leading unit of high-power charging together with the State Grid. Recently, Star Charge was not only invited to join the European Standards Committee's CharINe.V. Association, becoming the world’s 88th official member, but also successfully hosted the International IEC High-Power Charging Conference in Changzhou.


According to NieFei, Vice President of Star Charge, Star Charge Digital Factory will be built through the four strategies of “synchronous development and design”, “information transparency & big data”, “smart equipment” and “lean and flexible management”. It is expected that the production efficiency can be increased to 3 times.


Targeting the new energy vehicle charging market with the problems of “large grid impact”, “large charging loss”, “high operation cost”, “poor charging experience”, “low ratio of clean energy” and “difficulty in evaluating second-hand car”, Li Desheng, General Manager of R&D of Star Charge, released the "658 Strategy" for Star Charge technology and products in 2018: Relying on the six major technical fields of artificial intelligence, energy interconnection, high-power charging, energy efficiency improvement, intelligent operation and maintenance, and big data mining, taking the five major support platforms for laboratories, research institutes, universities, postgraduate workstations, and standards and intellectual property centers,develop eight major product lines including high-power, portable and optical storage, implement the “658 Strategy” and actively conquering industrial problems.


Faced with the new wave of energy industry, people who can start innovation and take the lead in completing the industrial layout will have the opportunity to become theSumeru Mountain in the new energy industry. As the leader in the domestic new energy automobile charging industry, the charge ecology circle around the charging pile business of Star Charge has begun to take shape, combining the advantages in business models, products, technologies and operations, it will be the important power to realizecurve overtaking of the national vehicle industry.